Fotostrasse is a photography project realized by the Berlin based photographer Marcela Faé. It inspires people from all over the world that live in Berlin and don’t really know the city.

Felipe Tofani, one of the responsible for the realization of Fotostrasse, always has a secret spot or an amazing location to suggest for all his friends, and seeing the excitement on their eyes every time Felipe presented them with a new location, Marcela decided to make this an event about urban and landscape photography.

Fotostrasse is more than just a photo meet up, it’s the excuse that Berliners and people from outside Berlin need to see some of the fantastic places that are still available and document this amazing and inspiring city that changes so much and so fast. And we encourage you to do so, even if you only have your phone!

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Click to see the photos from each edition:

Fotostrasse #1 – Viktoriapark:
Fotostrasse #1 - Viktoriapark

Fotostrasse #2 – Böhmisch Rixdorf:
Fotostrasse #2 - Böhmisch Rixdorf

Fotostrasse #3 – Medical Exploration:
Fotostrasse #3 - Medical Exploration

Fotostrasse #4 – MyFest Kreuzberg:
Fotostrasse #4 - MyFest Kreuzberg

Fotostrasse #5 – Altstadt Köpenick:
Fotostrasse #5 - Altstadt Köpenick