Ray of Light – A brief study in Black and White

MARCELA FAE - fotostrasse 370

MARCELA FAE - fotostrasse 372

The idea here is to study the light on a naked body. The intensity, the curves, the silhouette, the shadows and the beauty of a simple, yet strong, black&white work. The natural light behaviors is something that always have fascinated me, I was never a big fan of studio lights.

Those photos were taken during a urban exploration in Berlin for one of my main side projects, Fotostrasse. This is the 3rd edition, done in an abandoned hospital in Neukölln.

It wasn’t something really planned or anything – like most things in my life. We were there and the scenario was perfect and boom, we did this.

We actually took about 5 minutes to do it all, I might add, since this was a Fotostrasse, I had a lot of people with me and my friend and I weren’t really comfortable sharing this opportunity with everybody who had a camera LOL.

I really recommend to experiment with BW to absolute everybody! Do it at least once! I swear that you will not regret. For me it is, in many ways, so much richer than colors. Don’t you all agree?
MARCELA FAE - fotostrasse 373 MARCELA FAE - fotostrasse 371MARCELA FAE - fotostrasse 370