Beautiful Death

MARCELA FAE  beautiful death 3

MARCELA FAE  beautiful death 1

I just wanna say “I’m sorry” to the mother of this bird.
He was killed because of me. He is dead because I didn’t pay enough attention to my cats and one of them ended up killing her son.
I have 3 of them and when I let them out, it’s impossible to know everything they are up to on my big backyard.
The mother of this tiny creature, after noticing that something was wrong with her baby, immediately came down and saw her beloved son lifeless in my hands.
I cried like a little girl because I could feel that she was in pain. This bird, the mother, I’m sure that can feel the lost of her child just like us, humans. And it is heartbreaking.
I so sorry. So, so, so, so sorry.
I took those photos in 3 different places in my backyard:
1st was where my cat left the body when I started screaming at him, 2nd is close to my tomatoes but the cats could easily reach him, so I moved to the 3rd place: a little to the side, the only place I found that the little dead bird could rest in peace.
I put everything together here in the blog because death has its own beauty.
RIP Baby Bird <3

MARCELA FAE  beautiful death 2 MARCELA FAE  beautiful death 3